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Limusic Studio


In the south of France between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean, located on a former vinery is the Limusic Residential Recording Studio.

Owned by a family of German artists since 2014, it was the special atmosphere of the place and the creative possibilities that led to the decision to set up a recording studio. After careful renovation work with consideration for preserving the original charm, a place was created that offers a home for musicians of the most diverse genres.

Above all, the island-like location of the Domaine, embedded in vineyards and lots of nature, creates a space for undisturbed, creative work.

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Maximilian Hermes

Manager, Producer

Olliver Hotes

Studio Engineer

Nikolai Siebers

Producer, 808 wizard

Katharina Gläsmann

Manager, Marketing

Felix Horstmann

Manager, Finance